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A Message From Linda Rambo

In 2009, with the unexpected illness and death of several Lakeside friends, I saw the need for those left behind to know how to help immediately in an emergency until family could arrive from outside of the country. I thought that a package of information forms might be useful.
Research was started on information forms and other devices already developed by other Lake Chapala locals. Sue Ochs, of Ajijic, arranged small seminars to encourage everyone we knew to be prepared for a personal health emergency. Each seminar created more questions, until we had enough input to create new information forms for everyone to use. 
By mid-2011, Ted Lemmings, Mags Petela, and Jim Stork, also of Ajijic, had further developed our forms, making them easy to fill out online or to print and fill out by hand. They also established our website,
Our goal is not to provide comprehensive postlife planning. Our forms do not take the place of wills, advance directives, or any other legal documents. For links to websites and providers of these services, go to our Links page. However, we have found that the information in these forms empowers friends to offer important, immediate help to you, to your spouse or partner, and to your family when they arrive in Mexico to take over your affairs. 

We offer free seminars in the Lake Chapala area on preparing for emergencies and completing the forms we offer. Please visit the Contact Us page to learn more and to send us an email.

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