Download, Install, and Use Nuance PDF Reader for PC

You can save our blank PDF forms in your computer using Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader. You also can print a blank form to fill out by hand. However, as a PC user, you cannot save any form in which you have entered information electronically unless you have Adobe Acrobat Pro or Nuance PDF Reader.

With the small, secure Nuance PDF Reader program, you can open the forms  whenever you want, as often as you want, to either fill them out electronically or print and complete them by hand later. (We recommend this approach.)

The instructions below assume you already have Acrobat Reader and wish to use Nuance PDF Reader.

Step 1 
Click here to open a new web page and download the Nuance PDF Reader to your computer. It works with PCs and Macs alike.

Step 2 
Install the downloaded Nuance PDF Reader onto your computer by navigating to the program file on your computer and clicking on the file named NuancePDFReader_English.exe.

Step 3
Return to this web page. Click a form (listed at right) that you want to use. It will open in Acrobat. Save the form file to your computer right away (File > Save) and close the file and Acrobat.

Step 4
Open the form by navigating to the file location on your computer. Right-click the form name. In the window that opens, select "Open with," and choose Nuance PDF Reader. The form will open in Nuance. You may begin working on it electronically right away and save it with your data filled in as you go.

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Form 1. Your Personal Information (1 page)

Form 2. Next of Kin and Local Contacts (2 pages)

Form 3. Pets and Livestock (2 pages)

Form 4. Household Staff Information (2 pages)

Form 5. Real Property and Vehicles (2 pages)

Form 6. Bank, Investment, and Trust Accounts (2 pages)

Form 7. Medical and Health Information (3 pages)

Form 8. Utilities (3 pages)

Form 9. Internet and Electronic Devices (1 page)

Form 10. Emergency Cards (2 pages)