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Seminars ___________________________________________________

Why should I attend one of your seminars? 
Our seminars give you loads of insider information about handling emergencies in Mexico. For example, do you know why you should not call the police if someone dies naturally in your house? Do you know whom you should call? Go to Contact Us to request a free seminar .

Using the Forms _____________________________________________

Should my spouse and I fill out separate forms?
For individualized information, such as doctors' names, medical conditions, and separately owned property, separate forms are probably advisable. Otherwise, sharing a form would be appropriate. Let the content of each form be your guide.
Can I fill out the forms on my computer?
Yes. Use your mouse to move from one write-in area to the next, or use the Tab key and simply type the information requested where your cursor lands. If the form asks you to check boxes that apply, simply mouse or tab to the box(es) and left-click to make an "x" in the box. Some questions may offer you options to select; in these cases, left-click your mouse to select one of several options displayed in the drop-down box.
Can I make changes or add to the printed text on the forms themselves?
No, but most forms have a space for notes, where you may add (electronically or by hand) information that might clarify your wishes or further specify your circumstances. If you have suggestions for additions or corrections to the forms, please send us an email here.
Do I need to fill out all ten forms?
No. You need only fill out the forms that you think will be helpful to someone if you are incapacitated or die. If a form does not apply to your situation—such as the pets list or the household help list—then don't fill it out. 

I'm not comfortable listing some information, such as account numbers or passwords. Why should I include that?
You shouldn't include any information you are not comfortable sharing or keeping on hand in print. However, you should think of some way to share necessary information with a spouse or a partner who will need to access bank accounts, pay utility or cable bills, cancel credit cards or other services, and the like if you are incapacitated or die suddenly. 
Is there a form here where I can state my wishes for end-of-life medical care?
No. In fact, none of the forms we supply here have any legal force. They do not substitute for medical advance directives, powers of attorney, wills, or other such documents. For these services in Mexico, you should consult a lawyer.

Computer and Program Issues _________________________________

I'm a Mac user. How do I download, fill in, and save these forms to my computer?
        1. Click on a form and it will open in Safari. Click on the File > Save as menu to save the PDF file to disk.
        2. Open the PDF form in the Preview program that comes
with the Mac. This will be the default program used to open PDF files if you
don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.  If Reader is installed then right click
on the PDF file, select Open With, and then select Preview.app from the popup
        3. After you have filled in the form, select File and then Save as from the Preview menu. You can enter a new file name to save it as or save it as the same name and then confirm that you want to replace the file.
How can I decide whether I should use Acrobat or Nuance PDF Reader on my PC?
It depends on how you want to fill in the forms. 
    Both Acrobat and Nuance readers allow you to fill in the forms on your computer, but only Nuance permits PC users to save the form with your typed-in data and return to it later. We recommend this method.         
     Both programs allow you to save a blank form on your computer, so if you
want just to print the forms and then fill them in by hand, all you need is
Acrobat Reader, which is probably already on your computer. 
I downloaded the Nuance PDF Reader to my computer but now I can't find it to install it. 
In Windows 7 Explorer, look under "Favorites." In other operating systems, try searching your entire drive for the word "Nuance" or the file titled NuancePDFReader_English.exe. Or, try looking in your computer's folder titled "Downloads." 
How do I install the Nuance PDF Reader?
In Windows Explorer, open the folder where you have downloaded the reader and click on the file NuancePDFReader_English.exe. A window will open to walk you through the process.
My computer automatically opens all PDF files in Acrobat. How do I get to Nuance PDF Reader?
You can use one of two methods.
         One is to make Nuance your computer's default PDF viewer when you originally install Nuance. Here's how: A Custom Setup window appears during the program installation with the statement "Set Nuance PDF Reader as the default PDF
reader." Be sure the box next to that statement is checked. All PDF files you access from then on will open in the Nuance reader.
         The other method is to allow the file to open in Acrobat and under "File" in the toolbar click "Save as." Save the file to the folder or location you want, then navigate there and right-click the filename. In the window that opens, choose "Open with," and in the options window that follows, choose Nuance.

I don't have a computer (or a printer). Can I get printed copies of the forms 
Please go here to send us an e-mail, or e-mail formsatlakeside@gmail.com, to request printed copies of the forms, and we will contact you within a week to arrange. There may be a small charge.

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