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Did you ever wonder what might happen if you suddenly could not take care of yourself or your household and family affairs? 

Could your spouse pay bills and withdraw money from your bank? Do those closest to you know where your will is? Or even your house keys? How would your pets get cared for? How would your utilities or satellite TV get paid for or canceled?
The forms in our Lakeside Personal Emergency Information kit were developed specially for expat residents of the Lake Chapala area of Mexico. They will help you compile information that your spouse, close friends, or trusted local contacts can use to begin managing your care, your household affairs, or your estate if you unexpectedly die or become incapacitated and unable to communicate. 
As many Lakeside residents have already discovered, the information included in these forms will be invaluable when your family and friends are called upon to provide immediate help when you die or become unable to help yourself.

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Emergency Information kit.

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