Lake Chapala Society Post Life Planning
The Lake Chapala Society has created a Post Life Planning program in conjunction with a funeral home in Guadalajara to facilitate the legal disposition of deceased LCS members. The funeral home will provide service to all who have completed their Post Life Planning documents available from the LCS.

The funeral directors have English-speaking representatives to be notified in case
of death. When it becomes necessary, your survivor(s) call the funeral home and
report the death, providing the immediate information (e.g., address where
remains may be picked up, telephone number at that address, etc). Payment for
the services of the funeral home is due when all necessary action is

Click here to go to the Lake Chapala Society website for more information.

Rolly Brook's Mexico End of Life Information is an astonishingly detailed website with loads of information about expat life in Mexico, created by Durango resident (you guessed it) Rolly Brook. Of special interest is his discussion of the recent Mexican law allowing terminally ill patients to specify what care they wish to be given as their illness progresses.

Rest in PC: Tying Up Your Digital Loose Ends
Most people nowdays have numerous Internet accounts—for email, photo albums, social networking, or personal blogs, not to mention credit cards, banking, bill paying, and the like.

Several national and international companies provide a "digital strongbox" where you can safely store your usernames, passwords, and other entry keys to your various digital accounts and then have them released at your death to those whom you designate.
It can be a very good idea to have someone clean out or cancel these accounts after your death. Unused and unmonitored accounts are prey to hackers, who could get access to bank account and credit card numbers your family might continue to use.
A website called The Digital Beyond 
lists services that can help your family tie up your digital loose ends after you pass. Some of these can also help with U.S. wills and other legal matters, email your death notice, set up your online memorial album, and offer many additional postlife services you would never have thought you needed!

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